creation 배너

Creation Center

Creation Center

Creation Center of SEALON is in charge of developing and applying the international design trends and seamless technique. And they are located in Korea-head office, Hong Kong-Corporation, Vietnam-Branch and we offer trainings of their following methods of usages.

  • Education and Training

  • Technique supervision

  • Developing designs

  • Introductions of factories

  • Problem and causes’ analysis

  • Mock up production


Before the bulk order, we recommend customers to proceed the test to clarify the proper recommendation and working condition

  • Test request

  • Test request
    with the fabrics,
    with the advice on the test details

  • Registration

  • Proceed test

  • Review result

  • Issue Report


Sealon offers samplings to help customers for the technical knowledge and comprehension of the products.

  • STEP. 01


  • STEP. 02

    Preparation of products
    and designs

  • STEP. 03

    Compose application

  • STEP. 04


  • STEP. 05

    Review result

  • STEP. 06

    Delivery of samples