environ 배너


SEALON has a strong responsibility to minimize the effect for environment during the process of the whole production, from procurement to the process of the production. SEALON has been continuously trying to produce eco-friendly products while maintaining high efficiency and durability.

Blue Sign parnership

SEALON, as a partner of Bluesign-the highest level of textile-related certification standard-, considers both human and environment for not only our manufactured products but also the whole progress of productions.


SEALON manufactures the products which are certificated by Oeko-Tex, which is an independent test for elements, mid-productions and completed products to examine whether or not they contain toxic substances.


SEALON is certified with ISO 9000 by following the standard for all process including service plans, producing facilities and trial tests while it is also certified by ISO. SEALON also possesses another international certification, ISO 14001, which defines the standard of eco-friendly management system that is harmless for environment.

Clean Workplace

SEALON is certified with its workplace that is safe and harmless to the environment.