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Adhesive film

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3080Elastic Adhesive Film

Description Sealon 3080 is designed to have good bonding strength over a wide range of Working temperature.
Besides, it has good recovery, high elongation and soft Hand feel.
Color Transparent
Composition Polyurethane
Substrate Release Paper (white)
Nominal Thickness 0.025mm, 0.05mm, 0.10mm
Width 147 cm (Custom, width avaliable)
Melting Point 124℃
Elongation 1200%
Modulus 1.5N @ 50% (0.05mm) / 2.8N @100% (0.05mm)
Washability Withstands home and commercial laundry conditions
Working Condition
(Flat Press M/C)
Temp. 140℃~170℃ / Time 15~30 seconds / Pressure 0.5MPa